UPDATE: ‘Regulate Marijuana’ Issue Likely to Appear on Colorado Ballot

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Earlier this month, the group known as the “Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol” turned in nearly 160,000 signatures to the State of Colorado that could put an issue on the November ballot concerning the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Only 86,105 signatures were required and now the 160,000 must be verified. Since early projections of valid signatures appear to be relatively close to the goal, around 89,000, an extensive line-by-line review is required (as opposed to certifying the bill based on a projection if it appears to be a landslide). The State has until February 3 to verify all of the signatures. Even if there are not enough valid signatures after verification, the petitioners will have 15 days to collect additional signatures. It seems that all involved feel that the motion will be certified and will appear on the ballot in November.

As with all successful political movements, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol really has their shit together. Their initiative is extremely reasonable and has taken the delicate nature of this matter into consideration. Of course, many feel that marijuana should just be made legal without all the legal red tape. But unfortunately that’s not how things work in a society that has weed classified alongside heroin. This is why they have gone to extremes to make sure every angle is covered so legalization can get a toe in the door. I feel like we should take what we can get. Another organization, however, doesn’t feel that way.

Michelle LaMay, founder of Cannabis University, has offered up another, simpler act that she calls the Relief for the Possession of Cannabis Act. When I say simple, I mean stupid simple. The proposed bill is about a page in length and offers nothing about taxation, sales, production, or legal amounts. All it basically says is that people can’t be prosecuted for possessing marijuana. You can go ahead and read it but that is seriously all it says. She recently gained approval to start collecting signatures and says she will begin in February.

This idiot needs to be stopped. Obviously to marijuana enthusiasts, it’s a no-brainer that weed should be legalized. But to go to state legislators, the same ones who have thrown people in prison for weed, and say, “Yeah, just get off our backs, man,” is the dumbest, most stereotypical thing that could happen. I mean can this lady be any more of a lazy hippy? I’m afraid that she’s going to confuse people and give the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol a good Nader-ing and take away some of their clout. This lady could potentially f*ck things up.

So anyone in Colorado who actually wants a chance at legalized herb has two choices: 1. An organized, efficient, and practical approach at making a change that we all know shouldn’t even be an issue; 2. Follow some lady who made a half-assed attempt at saying, “Free the Weed!”

I think the choice is pretty obvious. I see where she’s coming from, but God damn lady, do you really think people haven’t thought of that before? Get real. What are you, high?

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