You Should Update Your Facebook iPhone App Today

by 7 years ago

The old apps were a nightmare—sluggish, prone to crashing, and incapable of cleanly presenting the massive amount of information that Facebook contains. Zuckerberg and company have remedied this by totally redoing the web-based coding that was a part of the old apps in favor of a “native,” or just for Apple's iOS, coding. The new apps look nearly identical to the old ones, but they run light-years faster.

The news feed also looks different. Before, you had to scroll up and refresh when you wanted to see if there were any new updates. Now it shows up in real-time, creating a “live” feeling. It looks great, too, with a much cleaner design the previous version's cluttered look.

Facebook has been aware its apps were weak for some time now. From the New York Times:

The new apps are the result of a major restructuring happening inside Facebook. In recent interviews, Facebook executives said they have retooled the organization so that every product team is working on mobile, and the company holds weekly training courses on programming for Apple and Android devices.

Facebook engineers say the changes to the apps were necessary to deliver the instant gratification that people want when they are on mobile devices.

“You’re sort of data snacking throughout the day,” said Cory Ondrejka, Facebook’s head of mobile engineering. “When you’re just standing in line getting coffee and you pull out your Facebook app, you just want it to load.”


Now, for the next update: A Breathalyzer to turn it on. People would pay you for this, Facebook.