UPS Delivery Man Caught Stealing on Camera—This Is the Future, Folks

by 6 years ago

But first, the backstory: Last week, Jay Alverson bought two Christmas gifts online and expected both to be at his doorstep on Wednesday. He only found one there, though, and checked his security footage from a camera that he had installed on his front porch to see if anything was amiss. Alverson found that a UPS guy had, in fact, delivered his daughter's iPad Mini, then swung back around two minutes later to take the iPad Mini. When he tried to complain, Alverson got stonewalled by the UPS customer service team, which gave him the run-around from their headquarters in the 7th level of Hell. But when Alverson posted the video above online, UPS finally acknowledged that he'd been had, and reimbursed him for the stolen iPad. Christmas disaster barely averted.

However! I think this video of a shitty Grinch is actually a really positive thing. Everyone—EVERYONE—has a FedEx or UPS horror story. It's a fact of life that you can get screwed by a delivery guy, and it's getting worse the more things we buy online. But as video cameras have become cheaper and cheaper, and people are now able to justify buying one for home security reasons, these same people are starting to realize that it can easily be used when something has gone amiss with deliveries. Couple that with everyone's growing Internet knowledge, both on how to upload a video to YouTube and on how to make that video go viral, and we're left with a world where any would-be asshole delivery guy, of which there are many, is going to have to start thinking twice before screwing over customers. This stupid little viral video is really a glimpse into our future, when everyone is going to have a camera, and you're going to be held accountable for things that used to be off-limits. For better or worse.

(And for our friends in England: Think of how much this will help that notoriously miserable Royal Mail system. Cameras could be the key to you actually getting your letters for once.)

[H/T: HyperVocal]