U.S. Map Shows What States Have the Most People Living With HIV

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I think it’s safe to say no one wants to contract HIV. It’s in a dead heat with unwanted pregnancy as the by product people want the least after they’ve gone ahead and had unprotected sex. Every time I got sick in my first few years of college, I spent a good 72 hours thinking I had it because stupid me put my unsheathed dick into a girl I didn’t know  — I was quite dumb, on so many levels.

Had I seen this map while I was going to school in Miami, FL — a time when Magic Johnson was practically the only person anyone knew of who was able to live a normal live with the virus — I’d probably have kept my dick in my pants a little more often. Or, you know, put on a condom. But that was then, we live in a different world today. Still, no one wants HIV, but the virus isn’t feared like it was. Hell, I’ve even had a urologist tell me me prior to a STD test that,”you can live a normal life with HIV.” Shit. Thanks, Doc. I think.

Anyway, New Republic has a much more expansive look into this map and statistics surrounding the subject. Head over there for more info.  And head to Montana if you want to have (almost) worry free unprotected sex.

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