U.S. Map Shows How Much Money You Need to Make Per Year To Be Happy Living In Your State

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If you believe this map and new analysis by Doug Short, vice president of research at investment group Advisor Perspectives, money can only buy you happiness up to a certain point. If you don’t believe this map, we’d probably be great friends, because I think this thing stinks like hot shit.

In fact, if I saw Doug Short at a cocktail party and he started flapping his gums about how there’s a limit on money and happiness, I’d sock him right in his whore mouth. What kind of asshole would put this misinformation out there for employers to see? An asshole named Doug fucking Short, that’s who. Guy probably makes $500K a year. Just swimming in happiness. Go shit in your hat, Doug.

Sure, being rich as shit didn’t work out for Montgomery Brewster in Brewster’s Millions, but money would buy me all the happiness. All factors in my life remaining the same, I am certain I can be so much more happy with millions of dollars. I’ve never been more sure of anything. EVER. Just look at how happy Dan Bilzerian is. If that fucking guy is dead inside he’s performing one hell of a cover up. I think we’d all volunteer to try to be as miserable as him.

Anyway, the map below shows the yearly salary you need to achieve your ideal level of happiness in all 50 states.



And here is the actual breakout per state.


[H/T: Huff Po]

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