U.S. Map Shows The Most Popular Cocktail In Each State

“Cocktails and motherfuckin’ dreams, motherfucker…” is a line I like to imagine Samuel L. Jackson saying as he whips up some top-shelf margs and mojitos for the guests (or just Tom Cruise) at his annual Cinco de Mayo party. Now, that’s a shindig I’d like to attend, if it even exists outside of my twisted headspace. I’d like to think it does. Just Sammy J. and his crew, kicking back some bevs, reminiscing and shit. Man. That’s livin’.

Hope I get the invite next year.

Moving along…

So what cocktails do states love the most? Thanks to a decade’s worth of collected data from Estately, we now know that the most popular cocktail in quite a few states is The Dude’s beverage of choice, which, of course, is a White Russian. (If you’ve never had one, you’ve really robbed yourself of some serious joy.) Meanwhile, the tip of the north east appears to be dominated by Martini’s and Cosmos, drinks that require your pinky to be fully erect while taking a sip of them.