The ‘US Texting Championships” Are Apparently Really Serious

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Seventeen-year-old Austin Wierschke from Rhinelander, Wis. — a high school senior who can type up to six characters in just one second — won $50,000 for the second year in a row at the sixth annual texting event LG U.S. Texting Championship held on Wednesday in New York City.

Standing on a stage in the middle of Times Square, Wierschke beat out 10 other finalists, who competed in a series of rounds using a LG Optimus Zip QWERTY keyboard smartphone. The preliminaries started several months ago when the competition had about 100,000 contestants.

The finalists ranged between 16-24 (shocker), and were tested in three areas–speed, accuracy, and dexterity. Among the competitions included spelling out abbreviations, texting blindfolded, and recapping the night before in furious fashion, underscored by excessive emoticons texting with the phone behind their backs

Said Wierschke on what type of “equipment” he uses, “keyboards are the way to go.” Surely, those Android sponsorships are pouring in–this kid best get ready. 

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