These Valentine’s Day Cards Made With Pornhub Comments Are The Only Valentine’s Day Cards I Care To Read

by 4 years ago

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As our sucker friends are going out and draining their life savings on some bullshit overpriced prix fixe dinner, us single dudes are sitting in our undies with a pizza on the way waiting for our Pornhub video to finish buffering. I have never felt so liberated, so free.

Yes, granted we would all love to experience the satiating, all-encompassing, fulfilling power of true love, but maybe we’ll start that search tomorrow. So tonight just sit back, smoke a cigarette, and get a hearty chuckle out of these Valentine’s Day cards that were derived from the Pornhub comment section.

pornhub 1

pornhub 1 5

pornhub 2

pornhub 3

pornhub 4

pornhub 6

pornhub 7

pornhub 8

pornhub 9

pornhub 10

[h/t LADbible]

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