Vanity Fair Reveals Scandalous New Details About Tiger Woods’s Affairs, With Nude Photos of His Mist

by 9 years ago

Vanity Fair's new issue has what they're calling the most complete account of Tiger Woods's many affairs, including photos of and interviews with four of his mistresses. (That's Loredana Jolie Ferriolo, above, who honestly I had never heard of until reading this article.) Some more juicy details — whether you believe them or not — are revealed, including:

  • Tiger paid $15,000 for his first meeting with Ferriolo.
  • According to, “Tiger's preferred place to stay in Las Vegas was the Mansion at the MGM Grand, where a one-bedroom suite costs $5,000 per night. He would gamble in the ultra-exclusive V.I.P. casino nearby. According to a source known as Robin Hood 702, 'sometimes the only people in the place were me, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan. Each of us sat at our own private table and played big. Tiger plays big. Up to 30 grand a hand … and when you're playing splits and doubles, you can have 150 grand on one hand.' “
  • He once had a threesome with Elin and her sister in Sweden.


There's more details, plus a photo of Lawton and a video after the jump…


  • Tiger had sex with Mindy Lawton (the curly haired one) at 5:30 a.m., before a tournament, even though she was menstruating (Tiger insisted), in a church parking lot. The National Enquirer had been following her and found her tampon on the ground, and threatened to break the story; that's when Steinberg made the deal with the paper's parent company to stop the story in exchange for an exclusive with Men's Health.
  • Tiger is notoriously cheap, and would never buy Lawton dinner, except one time when he bought her a chicken wrap from Subway. He would fly Jamie Jungers only on Southwest Airlines.
  • Lawton says Tiger's pen*s was “the biggest I've ever seen.”
  • According to the New York Post, the story reveals that, Tiger had such an insatiable sexual appetite that he would often dial up “matchmaker” Michelle Braun and demand that she send over women the same day. “He'd say, 'Hey, it's Tiger. I'm going up to LA for a meeting. You got anybody in Orange County today?' ” Braun said.
  • Both Byron Bell (Tiger's longtime friend and president of his design company), and agent Mark Steinberg both knew about most of the affairs, and helped arrange rendezvous or keeping the affairs out of the tabloids.