Dude Starts Impromptu Street Party By Blasting ‘I Want You In My Room’ While Driving Around

by 11 months ago

It is a catchy song, you cannot deny that. ‘Boom, Boom, Boom, I Want You In My Room’ was a big hit from the Vengaboys back in 1998 and it’s just as likely to get stuck in your head today as it was then.

By the way, if that Streamable video embedded above isn’t loading for you then you can find it direct right here.

This person driving around a crowded bar area knows how glorious this song is so they turned it up loud enough for everyone on the streets to hear it. According to comments on the video, this was filmed in Cheltenham in the United Kingdom, a city that’s Northwest of London out between Oxford and Bristol. It appears as if this was filmed at a time when the pubs had called the last call and the local watering holes were emptying out. What resulted was a glorious impromptu dance party.

Is there anything profound about this video? Not really. It’s just some drunk people coming together to dance in the street just days after a devastating terror attack in their country’s largest city. With all of the shit happening in the world, this is a moment of release. In that moment the drunk people weren’t thinking about how the world’s on fire. They heard the Vengaboys’ hit and the first reaction was to throw an impromptu dance party in the street.

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