World War II Vet, 92, Shoots and Kills Burglar

by 6 years ago

Earl Jones, 92, was awakened by a noise early Monday morning and grabbed his .22 caliber rifle. Thieves have targeted Jones' farm at least three times recently, stealing guns, money, even cattle. This time Jones was ready.

When the intruder came through the door from the basement Jones fired a single shot. He immediately called his neighbor, who then called 911. When deputies arrived they found the outside basement door ajar, but no one other than Jones at the home. Police say the wounded intruder was carried off by two other accomplices. Those accomplices, Ryan Dalton and Donnie Inabnit, put him in their car and took off. They got about a mile when they stopped to call 911.

Jones, who currently lives in Verona, Kentucky, will not be charged. The lack of sentencing likely has something to do with 'Merica. Somehow, this story did not make any mention of beer and/or meat. 

[H/T: NBC26]


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