Vet Realizes Guy Is Wearing Fake Ranger Uniform To Get Black Friday Deals And Fucking Nails Him For It

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Fake Army Ranger


This is fucking sick. It’s sick because it’s unreal to think a guy would put on a soldier’s uniform just to get deals on socks and it’s sick, in a good way, the way this vet nails him for being a piece of shit.

Here’s the story from the YouTube page:

A former Infantryman from Easy Co 2/506 101st sent us this video of him calling out a fake Ranger at a local mall. This guy couldn’t answer basic questions that he should’ve known, he was wearing a CIB with three stars and tried to say he got them all for Iraq and Afghanistan, not possible as you can only get one for both campaigns. I’m guessing he was trying his hand at some discounts.

I enjoyed the way the “soldier” memorized a couple details about being a Ranger in case he ever got called out and the vet behind the camera shot holes through his story like a sniper during routine practice.

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