TIL The Founder Of VICE Just Bought Vince Chase’s Mansion From ‘Entourage’ For $23 Million

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VICE is a very big, influential media company worth a couple billions dollars. They have a TV network called VICELAND that does some dope shit, like their Action Bronson food show Fuck That’s Delicious and a show about the booming industry of legal marijuana. There’s also the HBO Show. And the ESPN partnership. All that stuff is worth a lot of money in the media business.

Though based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they have offices all over the world, including a sizable presence in Lalaland. Which is why it makes sense for Shane Smith, their founder/CEO/host of the HBO show, to buy a massive property in Santa Monica. The one he bought should look familiar to all Bros who watched Entourage with religious fervor circa 2005: It’s the house Vinny bought in season two of the show, while still in talks for Aquaman. In fact, the episode is called “Aquamansion” and, in the show, it’s referenced as Marlon Brandon’s former estate. Perhaps you remember that episode from the other, more memorable story arc: Johnny Drama tries to sneak into the Playboy Mansion with Pauly Shore.

Spoiler alert: He gets caught by Hugh Hefner. Shenanigans ensue. *BRO HIGH FIVE!*

Anyway, last year Business Insider reported that the Shane Smith has purchased the 3-acre property, called Villa Ruchello, for $23 million. The former owner is director Henry Jaglom.

Pretty sick pad to Bro down in like Vinny and the boys. Look familiar?


Cue the Jane’s Addiction!