Is Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan a Bro?

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Here's the video:

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Since we at BroBible are nothing if not followers, we thought we'd similarly take a superficial look at the real question on everyone's mind: Is Paul Ryan a Bro? We will make no judgements here. You decide.

He was in a fraternity.

From Buzzfeed

This photo provided to BuzzFeed by the Miami University chapter of Delta Tau Delta shows Paul Ryan as an upper classman at the southern Ohio school.


He can't dress at all.

This is always a contentious subject for guys in the 18-24 male demo: Should we put a ton of thought in what we wear, or just wing it? Ryan is clearly in the latter camp.

Here he is at the announcement on Saturday, rocking a blazer that looks about three sizes too big. 

And here he is wearing the time-honored “represent two different sports teams” look. Never a good idea style-wise, but kudos for what we can only presume is a lot of fandom.


He catches catfish with his bare hands.

Trust us, it's actually more extreme than it sounds. What Ryan does is called “catfish noodling,” a method of catching catfish without rod or pole by sticking your arm down its throat. There's a Discovery Channel show about it, if you're inclined to learn more. From the International Business TImes:

The expert catfish noodler sticks his bare arm into a “catfish hole,” shoves his hand down the fish's throat, and pulls the fish out of the water. “I'm going to go out with some of my Okie friends, and I'm going to do something that I've been doing for a number of years, and that's called noodling catfish,” Ryan told an audience in Texas.

Sick. (In more ways than one.)


He works out with P90X and Insanity.


Ryan works out at the House of Representatives gym every day, getting up at 6 a.m. to either do P90x or Insanity. As someone who has attempted P90x, I can tell you that it's really, really f*cking hard.

[Thanks to reader Sam for the tip.]


In high school, he was both “Biggest Brown-Noser” and Prom King

From the venerable political journalists at TMZ, which found Ryan's high school yearbook:

According to the yearbook, Paul was even voted Prom King his junior year.

And if all that wasn't enough to predict a bright future in politics — Paul was also voted the “biggest brown-noser” in his class. He graduated in 1988.

Lot of contradictions here. 


He drinks $350 bottles of wine.

From Talking Points Memo:

The pomp and circumstance surrounding the waiter’s presentation, uncorking and decanting of the pricey Pinot Noir caught the attention of another diner who had already recognized [Paul] Ryan sitting with two other men nearby.

Susan Feinberg, an associate business professor at Rutgers, was at Bistro Bis celebrating her birthday with her husband that night. When she saw the label on the bottle of Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru Ryan’s table had ordered, she quickly looked it up on the wine list and saw that it sold for an eye-popping $350, the most expensive wine in the house along with one other with the same pricetag.

Feinberg, an economist by training, was even more appalled when the table ordered a second bottle. She quickly did the math and figured out that the $700 in wine the trio consumed over the course of 90 minutes amounted to more than the entire weekly income of a couple making minimum wage.

Most normal guys should be okay with just a nice selection of beer, so the $700 spent on a couple of bottles of Pinot should raise a few eyebrows. Is it Bro for Ryan to freely drop so many duckets on wine? Or is that not Bro?

(Sidenote: Anyone who is at her own birthday dinner and spends the entire time calculating wine costs sounds like a miserable, miserable person to eat with. Not the best source here.)


He has hunted and shot a sh*t-ton of deer and turkeys.

Mitt Romney famously once said, in order to try to seem cool to the NRA, that he was a hunter who shot “small varmints.” Literally no one believed this statement.

Ryan, however, is actually a legit hunter. He takes down deer with bow and arrow and actually seems like he knows what he's doing. From the New York Daily News:

By picking Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has added a bona fide big-game hunter to the GOP ticket.

After Ryan got Romney’s VP nod, a photo went viral of the Wisconsin congressman proudly displaying his kill — a big buck — while dressed in head-to-toe camouflage and a hunting vest.

Romney caught some flak for calling himself a hunter during his 2008 presidential bid before reporters discovered he had not applied for a hunting license in any of the states where he owned homes.


His Medicare cuts will kill your grandmother.


So, without going into politics, it definitely does seem like Paul Ryan shows some Bro-like and some un-Bro-like tendencies. What do you guys think?

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