This Vicious Catfight With Titties Poppin’ Out Is The Most Beautiful Piece Of Cinematography I’ve Ever Seen

Was Martin Scorsese just strolling around Austin with his Canon C500 camera waiting for something extraordinary to document? This footage of a violent catfight in Austin is a cinematic masterpiece. The nasty girl fight on the Dirty Sixth was caught with some high-quality video camera.

Chicks are getting maced right in the face, getting pepper sprayed in the cooch, weaves are being yanked out, titties poppin’ out, an unusual fight technique of one girl fingering another, numerous upskirt shots of ladies who are not wearing underwear.

That kid with the Cosby sweater who poses in front of the fracas and then gets tossed aside by the cops tho.

Attention to every detail is made. You can almost see what part of their head that the weaves were yanked out of. Is this a sepia filter? Because it really highlights the disco ball shirts getting ripped off and exposing boobs. Unfortunately, they do a good job of censoring the boobs that pop out. Too good.

Hey Hollywood, I just found your next Janusz Kaminski. You’re welcome.