Guy Pretends To Work For Victoria’s Secret And Tricks University Of Iowa Chicks Into Sending Him Underwear Pics

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It’s almost too brilliant. It’s too brilliant but very illegal.

Sean Boies, a 29-year-old from Iowa, is accused of posing as a Victoria’s Secret representative in order to get women to send him underwear photos. How did he pull it off? It took a little more than fake business cards that said “Panty Inspector” which was my god damn idea.

Police said Sean Boies, 29, used a phishing scheme to get IDs and passwords of University of Iowa students.

He then used that information to create a profile on Qualtrics, a web-based survey platform that he used to create surveys he would send to female students, the Iowa Press-Citizen reports.

In one survey sent last January, Boies claimed to represent the Victoria’s Secret lingerie company and allegedly asked interested women to upload pictures of themselves in their bras and panties in hopes of being flown to Miami for a photo shoot.

Again, brilliant but creepy as hell. Boies was able to get two women to fall for the idea. Boies is being charged with two counts of identity theft under $1,000 and unauthorized computer access.

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