Vida Guerra is a Tiger in Body Paint and ‘Darkside of the Moon’ in Nintendo Music

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  • Just like us, model Vida Guerra is pretty damn excited that Tiger Woods is back in action. [Don Chavez]
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  • She's gifted. [Uncoached]
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  • Masters coverage may be forced to only one shot of Tiger Woods during first round. Suck for you, ESPN! [Sportress of Blogitude]
  • Hey Laxers, keep your eyes peeled for the new NLL video game on X-Box live. [Lacrosse Playground]
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  • Happy trails to Shawn Michael. [With Leather]

Funny, Random, Etc.

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  • Junk food may be as addictive as crack. [Asylum] After the jump is a kitschy remix of Pink Floyd's “Dark Side of the Moon” in original Nintendo video game music. It's almost as cool as syncing the record with “Wizard of Oz.” Obviously it was inspired by a certain post earlier today. Nod to Caveman Circus for the tunes.



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