VIDEO: Classy Girl-On-Girl Fight at Yankees Game, Complete with Unnecessary Beer Tossing

by 8 years ago

Yesterday Barstool Boston dug up a real gem of a girl-fight at a Yankees game. As a Phillies fan who's gotten a lot of @#$! from Yankees fans about Philly's Phinest, I think it's worth posting. These chicks were escorted out of the game after their little girl-on-girl rumble in the Bronx. According to the YouTube description, the fight started when one “girl tells hotter girl she slept with her boyfriend.” The hotter girl then proceeded to go all J-Woww on her ass. Beside the tragic — yet captivating — moment where one girl pointlessly wastes a hella expensive Yankees Stadium beer on her, the highlight of the video occurs at the 1:08 mark, when our eye-witness filmographer (or someone near him) tells these brawling Bleacher Creatures to “go back to Jersey.” But opps! The dude reminds himself that he hails from Jersey. Classy…

Update: The video has been yanked from YouTube, (probably because everyone on the Internet was making fun of him for his idiotic comments about New Jersey). You can still watch it here until we figure out a way to embed it.


Hat Tip: On Campus Drama, Busted Coverage, Barstool Boston

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