VIDEO: Idiot Tries to Chug Bottle of Patron Silver Tequila

by 8 years ago

We are a society that loves to see unbelievable success or impossible failure. The video we just found (UPDATE: it's been around for a couple years apparently, whoops, oh well) promises to provide one of those outcomes — along with a generous supply of stupidity. The basic concept of the video is one man (who calls himself “Joe Breezy,” we'll call him “Douchebag”) attempting to chug a brand new bottle of Patron Silver until there is nothing left. I have never seen such a feat accomplished and I am not dumb enough to try it, so I am unsure if it is even humanly possible to do. But people will do just about anything these days to make a video go viral so we're going to help douchebag out and hopefully make him more unemployable than he probably already is. Now, on to the million dollar question: Will he finish the entire bottle of Patron or just put on an exhibition in projectile vomiting? Check it out after the jump.

(Don't try this at home, seriously. it would just be a waste of good booze.)

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