Video Of Kid Crying As His Girl Makes Out With New Dude Is Cringeworthy AF

by 11 months ago

There’s no shame in crying. But it’s best to pick the right time to weep. In front of your friends as your ex-girlfriend makes out with another guy and a camera is recording the waterfall gushing from your eyes is probably not the optimal time to turn on the faucets.

I gotta admit, this video is tough to watch. I’ve cringed less watching beheading videos than this kid bursting into tears as his girl tongues down some new dude. I feel bad for little man, I really do. Seeing your girl move onto a new guy is a knife that slices your spine and goes through your heart. But I also want to Godfather slap him and tell him to “act like a man.” I want to find him a girl at that party for him to make out with and forget about this trollop who broke his heart.

How bad of a judge of character is this kid? First, his girlfriend makes out with some random, sideways hat-wearing prick in front of everyone. Then, his so-called friends record the most embarrassing moment of this poor fuck’s life. To pour salt and lemon juice in his open wound, they upload it to Worldstar where it’s been viewed nearly 1 million times. Maybe get a whole new crew.

Also, I’m pretty sure that this is how serial killers are made.

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