VIDEO: Most Hateable Racist Fuck Assaulted Elderly Man During ‘Knockout Game’ Just To Get On The News

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Disturbing and graphic video of a heinous and brutal attack of an elderly man has been released, which shows a vile scumbag assaulting an old man while playing the “knockout game.”

The U.S. Justice Department released cellphone video taken by Conrad Alvin Barrett, the attacker, detailing and carrying out a monstrous attack on 79-year-old Roy Coleman. In the monstrous footage, Barrett announces his evil intentions, “The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised?” The 29-year-old from Katy, Texas states that he is “completely unable” to hit defenseless people, but then the car stops when he sees the elderly man. He gets out of his car and asks Coleman “Hey how’s it going?” then without any notice, he throws a devastating punch and knocks out the unsuspecting black man. Barrett can be heard laughing and saying, “Knockout … knockout baby.” He then runs to his car and drives away.

The video of the assault was recorded in November of 2013, but was only released by authorities last Friday. The footage that Barrett took himself, incriminated his own dumb ass and was sentenced to 71 months in jail. Barrett also faces three years supervised release and has been ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution.

Coleman, who is now 81, suffered two jaw fractures and was hospitalized for several days after the attack.

“When I first saw the video, I was devastated … It broke my heart to see someone hit my father,” Donna McNeal, Coleman’s daughter told KPRC.

The “knockout game” is the cowardly and the reprehensible act of a person targeting usually a defenseless victim then sucker punching them for no reason whatsoever except for the incomprehensible amusement of the attacker and their friends.

You made the national news shitbag. Congrats. Now enjoy your prison sentence dickhole.

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