Virginia Police Tased A Guy for 42 Seconds Straight Saturday Night

According to NBC Washington:

Investigators are working to determine whether Fredericksburg Police were justified in using a stun gun on a suspect for more than 40 seconds.

A bystander shot video of police using a stun gun Saturday evening in downtown Fredericksburg and posted it to YouTube.

Police said the suspect was in a car that hit five parked cars along Hanover Street. The driver of the car ran from the scene when police arrived, according to 

The man became belligerent and threatened the officers, investigators said. At that point, the officers used the stun gun, keeping it on the suspect for more than 40 seconds.

Here is what I want you to do: watch the video and then tell me if the taser just sounds like it's on, of if he is being tased the entire time. I can't decide if it is one or the other. His screams of bloody murder appear to be spaced out quite a bit. I would think, if I were being tased for 42 seconds, I'd be in agony the entire time loudly weeping like bitch. 

[H/T Gawker]