‘Virtual Reality Lap Dance Prank’ Is The Most Evil And Brilliant Use Of VR Technology I’ve Ever Seen

The future has finally arrived, bros, and that means we’re entering a new era of virtual reality lap dances and porn, and the subsequent pranks that come along anytime the world is introduced to new and exciting things. This ‘virtual reality lap dance prank’ is absofuckinglutely brilliant. You’ve got a captive audience sitting there with the VR headset on, thinking they’ve got the world’s greatest lap dance going, then BOOM!

This is easily the best use I’ve seen for virtual reality to date: pranks and lap dances. Maybe I’m naive, but when I first saw VR goggle shitting the market my mind didn’t immediately jump to ‘this technology is going to put strip clubs out of business’.

It wasn’t until I saw Pornhub‘s big announcement this week that they’ve launched the world’s first free VR porn site and are giving away 10,000 pairs of VR glasses that I realized just how big virtual reality is going to be for the adult film industry (and related industries like strip clubs and sex toy manufacturing).

My only concern here is that by the end of this year the ONLY prank videos on the Internet will be VR pranks. That would make for a pretty boring experience, because anyone trying VR for the first time would be expecting the pranks. I think the reason this is so fun is because virtual reality is still so relatively new that nobody giving it a try is expecting the worst.

[h/t Reddit]