Wall Street Journal Sacks NFL Quarterback Flow

by 8 years ago

Eli Manning

O.K. by this point, I'm blown away by what is a “better” look. That is a blow-out haircut by way of “Jersey Shore.” Plus, did they add color in there? I know Eli isn't the most Bro QB, but he did spend time in the South rocking Croakies and Guy Harvey, so leave him alone.

Donovan McNabb
They literally turned the guy into Randy Moss crossed with early Snoop Dogg. It looks awful.

Drew Brees
Bald? Really? How is that a hairstyle? I thought Brees was just starting to build his “just long enough for an older guy flow.” Like Howie Mandel without all the hand sanitizer.

Josh Freeman
They put a mohawk on him. Oh excuse me, “Frohawk.” It looks a little too hipster, like if Kanye West got involved (Kanye is a hipster, you cannot argue that point, look at the guy's stylist).

Mark Sanchez
I like the guy. Hated him when he played for USC, but now that he's gang-green, got to love him. No change? Best hair in the league? No offense Nacho, but not so much. But, keep throwing zero picks baby and make me those fantasy points.

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