Watch A Bus Casually Crash Into A Nashville Coffee Shop

by 3 years ago

This past Wednesday, a Nashville city bus rolled into the front of Three Brothers Coffee Shop. Usually when a bus crashes into something, I expect it to look like a Keanu Reeves/Dennis Hopper situation in Speed. But this bus was pretty casual about how it slammed into the coffee shop:

Via The Tennessean:

“This matter is under investigation and we are very fortunate there were no injuries during this mishap,” MTA spokeswoman Patricia Harris-Morehead said Wednesday afternoon.

Prior to the crash, Harris-Morehead said, the bus driver had asked several passengers on the bus to leave.

“She started experiencing some issues and they were transferred to another bus (on the West End) route,” Harris-Morehead said.

Harris-Morehead said she did not know what time those passengers got off the bus.

When the bus started to roll, the driver was in the vicinity checking out the vehicle, she said.

Kinda funny to see that Bro in the vest jump to action while the hipster in the yellow beanie just kind of awkwardly paces around like Mclovin. That’s thinking on your feet, vest-bro.

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