You Will Be Able to Watch Porn on Google Glass If App Company MiKandi Has Anything to Say About It

by 6 years ago

According to MiKandi Co-founder Jennifer McEwen by way of ZNet

Google Glass Porn has been making its rounds, and while studios are intrigued, no one seems to be doing anything about it. So I wanted to let you know that we picked up our Glass and, yup, we're making content for it.

Obviously, Glass is perfect for shooting POV video, so we’re experimenting with that first. But what’s really interesting about Glass is that it’s not just a hands free camera. It can receive and send data, so there are a lot of interesting interactions that we want to explore.

Being hands-free and hassle-free is a simple but big difference Glass has over other similar devices. It’s so easy and familiar to wear, that from a shooter’s perspective it feels like you’re recording with your own eyes. Because it feels so natural, you can forget about the technology and just be in the moment.

Here's a video of what life might be like for a Google Glass porn watcher. 

By the way, the top two comments on that video are both one word long and fucking magnificent.

These guys get it.