Watch What Happens When Graffiti Artists Take Over a Swanky NYC Hotel

Earlier this week our brothers in arms at ANIMAL NY teamed up with the graffiti art collective Smart Crew to take over  SIXTY Soho, a swanky lower Manhattan hotel formerly known as the Thompson. SIXTY Soho is about to undergo a massive renovation, so they gave the artists full reign to art bomb the hotel’s lobby, elevator doors, staircase, front desk, and beyond. And then they thew a massive rager with an open bar so that all the patrons could doodle all over the walls.

As one of those in attendance, I can tell you  it was one a hell of a party.  Sure, many a dongs were drawn all over the walls and bathroom mirrors. But there was also some really cool, mature stuff, too! Peep the video from our friends at ANIMAL below. This is what a paint party in NYC looks like.

SMART CREW transforms SIXTY SoHo from SIXTY Hotels on Vimeo.

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