Watch One World Trade Center Be Built in This Commemorative Time-Lapse Video

by 7 years ago

Right now, One World Trade Center—formerly called the Freedom Tower—is officially the tallest building in New York (by its completion in 2013, it'll be the tallest in the Western Hemisphere). It's the first thing you see when you leave and enter the city, and its gleaming, shining frame, with the sun reflecting off the blue-ish glass, captures your attention. (After moving here this summer, I was actually almost hit by a car in Lower Manhattan when I first saw it). At night, since all its interior lighting hasn't been installed, thousands of little worklights emit from the building. The result, as corny as it sounds, is that it looks like fireflies. 

For six years, the building has been under construction. For roughly 11, people have been debating what to do with the site. By next year, it'll finally be done, and in two years, with thousands of employees going to work there every day, it'll be business as usual. The future of the building, hopefully, is day-to-day office normalcy. That's comforting. 

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