This Precocious Young Boy Went OFF On His Mom For Getting Pregnant

by 4 years ago

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I love this kid. He doesn’t even have time to process the information that his mom is having another kid before he’s already hitting her with excellent logic. “Why you need another baby, you just had two!” Overpopulation is a legitimate concern in this country, and we need kids like this fella to help curb our out of control breeding. If I were the U.S. Government, I would hire him to work at abortion clinics, where he could convince unsure mothers about what to do with their pregnancy.

How ’bout a little kid using the word “exasperating”? He’s clearly some type of baby genius and needs to be studied. If I were the principal of his school, I’d immediately graduate him, so that he can start college. He’ll make Doogie Howser look like a sniveling, uneducated little bitch.

My favorite part is how through it all, Amaya is just chilling so hard. She couldn’t care less. “Another baby, sure, bring it on.” I love when the mom asks her if she’s excited, and the boy shoots her a look like, “who’s team are you on here, lady?”

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That’s the look of a girl who’s confident that her mother’s love ain’t going anywhere.

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