Celebrate 7-Eleven Day With A Quiz About The Clearly Superior Wawa

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In the past, 7/11 was a day when people around the world flocked to cookie cutter convenience stores in search of a complimentary cup of frozen ice and copious amounts of high fructose corn syrup. Thanks to Amazon, a number of those people will be too busy taking advantage of Prime Day deals to get their free Slurpee, but that won’t stop plenty of folks from cashing in.

Some people would use this day as an excuse to post something related to 7-Eleven, but we decided instead to put together a quiz to celebrate the clearly superior Wawa— also known as the Mary Poppins of convenience stores in the sense that it’s practically perfect in every way.

[protected-iframe id=”d648aa1b0cc3c4fd3048f78697f2c0a1-97886205-55047561″ info=”https://static.apester.com/js/sdk/v2.0/apester-javascript-sdk.min.js” height=”491″ class=”apester-media”]

Are you as wild about Waw as we are?