These Scientists Supposedly Found Proof That Wearing Socks In Bed Leads To Better Sex, I Still Call Shenanigans

At no point in my life have I ever understood why people argue over wearing socks in bed while having sex because I’ve never been able to grasp why in the hell you’d be anything but naked. Sure, there are lingerie manufactured specifically to spice things up in the bedroom but we’re not talking about that shit here, we’re talking about wearing SOCKS while you’re completely naked and bumping uglies. It makes NO sense…until now.

Researchers at the University of Groningen ran a study which found that couples who wore their socks in bed while having sex were more likely to climax/reach orgasm than fully naked couples. Specifically, 80% of couples wearing socks in bed were able to both reach orgasm and only 50% of couples who weren’t wearing socks were able to both climax.

What’s the science behind this? It’s all about the blood flow.

via Metro UK:

Warming your feet causes the blood vessels to dilate, which gives the brain a signal that it’s time to sleep. There is a link between the dilation of extremities – also known as vasodilation – and how quickly you fall asleep.
Assisting the dilation of the blood vessels in your feet can help you drop off faster.
A University of Groningen study found that, when provided with socks to wear, brain scans showed 80 per cent of couples were able to reach orgasm, compared to just 50% who could climax without socks.

I’m just throwing this out there: if it’s the warming of your feet which causes blood vessels to dilate and orgasm easier to achieve then why not just wear a beanie? Or a jacket? Or crank up the heat and take off the stupid ass socks? If all you need is a spike in temperature there are a thousand other ways to go about it in place of wearing socks in bed and looking like a complete dickhead. That’s just my $.02.

[h/t Metro UK]

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