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Required Reading

  • 88 Awesome Shots to Make You Appreciate Nature [Ned Hardy]
  • Porsche Classic – Because It's All About the Car [PTTM]
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Stuff [JAGT]
  • Eight Instances of  “That Was Her?” [Unreality]
    Couple Kids Brawl Before Ole Miss Game [Unathletic]
    Friday Wild Girls [Funtasticus]

Funny, Random, Etc

  • Secret Projects Have the Best Military Patches Ever [The Brigade]
  • You Got Any Liquids or Gels? [Brosome]
  • Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Four Loko [Vlad TV]
  • 7 People Who Left Showbiz to Become Religious Leaders [The Frisky]
  • 10 Best Workout Fails [Heavy]
  • The True Story of a Recovering Serial Monogamist [Leftos]
  • Tom Brady Spends $7500 on Christmas Lights?  That's some UGGs Money At Work.  [Celebslam]


  • Flyers Players Rock ZZ Top Playoff Beards in new Verizon Commercial [The Fresh Roll]
  • Indiana Freshman Hits 3/4 Court Buzzer Beater [The Hoop Doctors]

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