These Confessions About The Weirdest Reasons People Had Sex With Someone Are Truly Astounding

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If my experience is any indication, no one ever really needs an excuse to have sex. I know that I certainly don’t need one.

That being said, the answers given by these people over on Reddit as to the weirdest reason they ever decided to have sex with someone are pretty unbelievable.

Then again, back to my original point of “no one ever really needs an excuse to have sex” and I suppose that these reasons are as good as any, right?

Here we go…

Pity. He was a perfectly nice guy, not unattractive, but for some reason could never seem to get a lot of interest. I slept with him after a party because I wanted him to feel better about himself. ~ prolixdreams

Because I’d spent the prior couple hours certain that her better looking friend/roommate was trying to get me into a threesome. Hot friend said I should leave the party and go back to their place. Hot friend was playing wingman for her friend. By this time I was already deep enough in it that I thought maybe I’d still have a chance with hot friend. ~ automator3000

Because I was too lazy to give him a blowjob. ~ brighteyesandpotatos

I slept with a guy once so it would be easier to sleep with his hot friend. ~ FuckCargoShorts

Was in a computer science class. Was not a computer science major. I really struggled in the labs. I noticed that a lot of the students were not willing to help each other because they felt that it was “their code” even though everyone’s code was meant to be exactly the same. There was a girl who sat next to me during the lab. TL;DR I invited her out one weekend ended up Making The Beast With Two Backs and she helped me the rest of the semester. Did well in the class after that. ~ itsfoine

They had the same name as me.

I thought it would be cool to moan my name during sex.

It was. ~ AsAGayJewishDemocrat

She said she was a white supremacist…my mother is Jewish… So I fucked her just so I could tell her after that she just got fucked by a Jew. ~ yazzu

I needed a place to crash for the night. ~ Nusi218

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