People Shared The Weirdest Things They’ve Ever Caught Someone Doing And Man, People Are Freaks

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Weirdest Things People Caught Someone Doing


Not a day goes by in which someone does something that boggles the human mind. Fortunately we’re usually not around to witness it. That can’t be said for these certainly traumatized folks over on Reddit.

The person who posed the question, “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever caught someone doing?” knew exactly what they were in for when they asked, but jeezus, people.

Of course we have to begin with a bathroom story…

Was at an old job, taking a dump when a dude goes into the next stall, faces the toilet, drops his pants and proceeds to shit on the floor, pulls pants up and walks out, no wipe. Spent weeks trying to id the shoes. ~ devgamer

Naturally we could get through this without a masturbation story…

One time my brother (13 yrs old) was in the bathroom, and we could hear the water running from him running a bath. I (14) noticed water coming out from under the door, and alerted my parents. They had to break down the door and found my brother who had tied his wrists to the water faucet in some sort of sexual masturbation-bondage situation that he couldn’t untie himself from. He had flooded the bathroom and was unable to stop the water. Our family has never spoken of this again. ~ leyebrow

This one is just… I don’t even know…

I walked in on my Freshman roommate being spanked on his bare ass by his mom for not being packed on move-out day. ~ iaccidentlytheworld

I think we all have a weird cousin story…

I once caught my [extremely weird] younger cousin standing in the shower with our vacuum cleaner. He was fully clothed and the vacuum was off. He was just standing there, in front of the vacuum. No fucking idea. ~ codeGrit

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