What Cities In America Do The Ladies Get The Drunkest When On First Dates?

by 3 years ago


From its vast array of user data, dating site Match complied this list of cities where the women are the drunkest. While it doesn’t explicitly say they also like to get tanked on first dates, I assume if you like to drink in one situation, you do in every.

Because that’s what I do. Dates, alone, at a movie theater. It’s all reason to booze for me.

And while this list is interesting, I’m not sure if I would want to move to the city where women drink their faces off on first dates. I see both two big positives and one big negative.

1. I like drinking a lot on first dates, so I could do so without remorse.

2. Drunk first dates could lead to things getting a little more handsy.


These dates might cost a lot more money. That’s a big negative.

Either way, which city has the drunkest biddies?

That’d be New Orleans. Which is kinda duh. Rounding out the top five? Austin, TX; Jackson, MS; Baton Rouge, LA; and Charleston, SC.

God, imagine the fucking Tinder scene in Jackson, Mississippi. And beers there are only like two bucks. You could crush it and never go be broke.

[Via Match]

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