What Does the Brommunity Want?

by 9 years ago

Editor's Note: We've noticed quite a few posts in the Brommunity asking for, um, better posts in the Brommunity. BroNuts raised an interesting question today in this post, so we're certifying it. Also, it strikes us that the best way to encourage better Brommunity posts is to write a kick-ass one of your own.

For the past 2 months, I've been on brobible almost everyday. After reading most of the stories posted in the Brommunity, this question pops into my head today. What the FUCK is a good story? What are your story expectations? What do you consider to be a 'crazy' or a 'bro' story? Like, does someone have to apologize for telling you guys what happened? Okay, i pregamed with my friends,got smashed, blacked out, f*cked this girl that sits a few rows behind me in Calc, and then i went home. Should i be sorry that i didn't go streaking and wipe my balls on a police car's window, with the cop inside? should i be sorry that i DIDN'T have sex with the girl in my Calc class AND the girl that sits next to her? What Brommunity, when will a story be good enough for you, and worthy of your outrageous f*cking broness? Is it not possible to show a little respect for anyone? Personally, i enjoy 95% of the stories posted on this site, and this is obviously directed towards people that just shit talk anyone that posts on this website. If you dont like any of the stories, don't read them, or post your own.. entertain us.. because you(you know who you are) obviously have the absolute most kick ass, BRO collection of stories on earth