U.S. Map Shows The Weirdest Things Each State Is Ranked #1 In



Shark attacks, pet tigers, lost chickens, UFO sightings…every state has to be known for something, right?

The folks at Estately have created the map above to let us know exactly what that “something” is for each state. According to their date, these items/behaviors/circumstances are what each state has more of per capita than any other. Terrrrrrrrific.

On the surface, most of these things don’t look like the type of shit a state would want to hang its hat on, but there are a few who could wear this information as a badge of honor. Maybe toss it into their low budget tourism commercials. I’m looking at you, Illinois; you big tipping motherfuckers. And also you, Kansas; way to jerk off like there’s no tomorrow.

Oh, and Alabama, maybe consider taking it down a notch with the racist tweets, huh? Your choice. No pressure.

[H/T Estately]