This Video Perfectly Sums Up What Sites Like Facebook Do to Our Society

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I’m not a serial poster on any kind of social media; I rarely Tweet, my Instagram account has like six photos and my non-work Facebook page hasn’t seen an update (other than a photo I may have been tagged in) in almost a year. My one, personal rule about posting Facebook is that people who aren’t an active part of my life (see: 580 of my 600 Facebook friends) don’t need to know anything about me other than I’m aging really fucking well. Great rule to live by if you ask me.

Occasionally, though, I’ll log onto all of those accounts — if only out of sheer boredom — to see what people I once knew are doing with themselves. For a few minutes, I’ll scroll, reading everyone’s updates. Then I sit and wonder, WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE POST THIS SHIT ABOUT THEMSELVES?!?! I understand the photos of nights out, links to articles they like and whatnot, but some updates blow my goddamn mind. Why does anyone need to know that you “Finally replaced the taillight!”? Trust me, no one on this entire planet cares about your fucking taillight, Sarah.

This video below perfectly sums up the people who feel the need to always update their statuses, no matter how mundane the update is, in order to feel…something. What that something is, I’m not sure. But there are a whole hell of a lot of people like this and it’s all social media’s fault.

Also, if you just left a relationship, immediately unfriend your ex if you’re both active on Facebook/Instagram. It’s the only way to keep your sanity.

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