Here’s What Girls Want To Hear A Guy Say When He’s ‘Talking Dirty’ To Her So Pay Attention

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Dirty talk in the bedroom can go one of two ways: either she loves it and wants you to keep going or she looks at you like you suddenly sprouted a second head. You know that look, don’t lie.

Thankfully we have the Internet to help us out in this department. More specifically we have a hero named Trebletheft on Reddit who asked the people this question: “What do girls want to hear a guy say as far as talking dirty?”

Now one would think that the answers to this simple question would be a treasure trove of tips that we could use to have the best sex of our lives. However, I’m not sure everyone here took the question seriously.

That being said, there were actually some useful response so at least we have that going for us, which is nice…

“Tell me how good it feels and moan. God I love it when a guy moans.” ~ Zodikosis

rebelcupcake seconds this motion…

“I love it when a guy’s noisy. Moaning, grunting, it’s all good.”

Here’s another tip that you might actually find useful…

“The thing that turns me on is being told how tight I am. It’s a two way street: as much as a guy wants to hear how big he is, a woman wants to know that she is providing a good amount of resistance/friction.” ~ TinyFluffyMagda

Then there were a few answers that I dont think I can’t actually print here.

I think I can share this one though. Maybe if I use an asterisk or two…

“If a guy tells me I have a pretty pu**y, I’m his. I don’t know why I love that so much.” ~ ohtaintedlove

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