13 Things Women Want Men to Keep In Their Homes, By Adult Film Goddess Tasha Reign

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Girls overthink a lot, but if you have things they consider “emergency” items, you will be their knight in sexy undies…and who knows what sort of reward you’ll get for saving the day! 

So, with that said – 13 things women want you to keep at home:

Tampons – Yeah, yeah. I know it’s hard to go to a store and buy a box. But girls can be irregular, and they can forget to keep something extra in their purse for such emergencies. Most importantly, it’s just nice that a guy cares enough to take the time think about her needs! Yeah, it might mean you won’t get laid tonight…but girls remember everything (you know this), and she’ll reward you when the tide has passed. So…tampons. Get some. Don’t get the cheapest kind out there either! Here’s an additional trick: put them discreetly next to, or on the back of the toilet seat, maybe in a little jar or cup type container. Why? Because if they’re in the original box, then stalker chicks like me will see that a few might be missing, and guess that you’ve had another girl over. And you’re not going to want to mess with a girl who’s on her period AND thinking that she’s not the main chick! If you remove them from their original container, you can keep that kind of info your own personal secret (hint, hint).

Bottles of water, soda, mixers – If you’re rolling in some extra cash, also add champagne to the list (an inexpensive but yummy bottle). Many girls don’t like beer, regardless of those TV ads, for lots of reasons – the calories; it tastes bad; it causes bloating… gross. Also, your old nasty orange juice from the carton you drank straight out of, and sick mixed drinks from the party the night before, are not on my list of drinks I want to have either. What do you want, for me to ruin this hot, sexy body? So go and get some clean bottled water and some unopened options for me so I can keep this body prime for you.

CONDOMS – No one wants an accidental baby.

Clean silverware, dishes, and cups – It scares me how many boys’ houses I’ve been to, where they needed to be reminded of stuff like this. Like most girls, I’m obsessed with hygiene, and there’s nothing like going over to a dude’s house and see him pull out a used cup because he forgot to do the dishes and then washing it on the spot. Yuckers. Prepare for spontaneous hookups and do your freakin’ dishes already, or keep a “date set” that you never touch, just for your female visitors. Also: red Solo cups are not a suitable “date set”. Show some class and get a decent set, and she’ll show you some class as well in the bedroom.

Midol / Pamprin / Ibuprofen – Cramps are something you don’t need to know about. Just believe me – you don’t want them. But if you forget to keep these pills around, you’re also gonna basically let her go home early to be in pain and in a bitchy mood because of those Damned. Fucking. Cramps. And who knows how long that bitchy mood will last? Save yourself and keep these around.

CONDOMS – NO one needs to wonder. EVER.

Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes – People in “the business” always say you know you’re a porn star when you have baby wipes behind the toilet seat. We are such germaphobes, and we love good, clean genitals… so PLEASE WIPE YOUR BALLS. Don’t you want to fuck a clean pussy? I do. Get some, NOW… but make sure they are hypoallergenic to avoid burning or itching sometimes resulting from wipes over-fragranced with chemicals.

Socks, clean & fresh socks, clean & fresh shirts, clean & fresh boxers – Just do your laundry, because I may just want to wear it! No sexy girl is gonna pick up a sweat-stained shirt to wear the next morning.

Movies women can and want to watch – Not all girls are the same (obviously); some don’t care for hardcore violence/action/adventure films, so your regular film stash might not do the trick. Scary movies, if she’s down, are the best way to get her super close and cuddly and all up in your grill ready to fuck. Romantic ones can be extreme but so emotional and loving, if you’re ready to get her in that sort of mood. Comedy is always pretty safe, just because its good for both genders and can bring you together – and laughter is always a great ice-breaker. Though keep in mind, too – she might actually be an action/adventure chick, in which case make sure she knows you definitely have those movies too. Basically, keep your regular stash, and supplement with “chick-approved” titles.

Lip balm / chapstick – Dry lips are no fun to kiss with, for either of you! Also, if you pick it out, you can pick out the ones that you’re comfortable kissing rather than something super goopy that she might have in her purse.


Basic girl-code sleep-over stuff – Eye makeup remover, face makeup removal wipes, extra (clean) toothbrush (hopefully you already have toothpaste!), hair brush, shaver and shaving cream, lotion – If she spends the night, the last thing you want is to wake up and see “the morning after” face – girls rarely look good in smeared makeup! You’d also be helping her keep her skin fresh and clean, and her morning breath to a minimum. She may not be coming over to have fun expecting to spend the night, especially if you guys are FWBs. Also, you never know if you guys are going out for breakfast the morning after, or to a beach party, and you don’t want her to have to run home to get ready. Help her be spontaneous by having her get-ready items at the ready.


XO until next time…

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