What Are Women’s Top Five Biggest Turn Ons? Tasha Reign Weighs In With Hers

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Hello Bros!

Lots of fans, friend, and men in general always ask me about what my turn-ons are when they see me at a convention and on Twitter. So, I figured for this installment I would answer that question by filling you in on some personal turn-ons.

Confidence. This goes for both men and women. When you exude confidence, you instantly become way more attractive, more powerful, and well, just more my type!

Accents. I understand this isn’t fair – not all of us have a non-California accent. But the cool part is you actually do have an accent to someone out there who is not from your part of the world. And hearing unfamiliar sentences and phrases are super sexy and mysterious to me!

Organization. I’m a total wannabe when it comes to this department. I’d love to have the time and energy to be organized, but because I’m not, I totally seek a partner who is! An organized partner also means they’re responsible and think ahead, so that’s a turn-on as well.

Power. I absolutely LOVE aggressive, assertive men in my life! I think it’s probably because I’m such a boss-type myself. I enjoy someone who can actually play the strong manly role when we’re at home.

Physical affection. There are certainly many ways to show love and appreciation for your woman – from thoughtfulness, positive words, gifts, and more. For me, my main needs from a lover are to be snuggled, kissed, and loved in a physical way, so if you’re a cuddler, I’m going to be totally smitten!

I hope you and the rest of the boys here at BroBible now have an inside look into what really turns me on. Now – I want to hear yours! Just comment below and tell me what your turn-ons are in a partner – also, leave your Twitter handle, and I will tweet my favorite ones!




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