What’s Sweet (and Not) at the Gym, on the Field, and Elsewhere

by 9 years ago

I am often approached by buddies regarding issues, people, or trends with the question, “Is that sweet?” In fact, I often ask myself the same question. With this in mind, each week I will hopefully provide some clarity to this question. Check out What Was Sweet the last few weeks here. Here's this week's edition:


What's Sweet

  • Being referred to as a “power player” (in any instance, not necessarily athletics).
  • Asking your drug dealer for change.
  • Sporting significant girth in the locker room.
  • Lifting outside (sweet even if you're not boozing and actually trying to get a burn).
  • Referring to ab workouts as dessert.

  • Guys who scream real loud when they bust nuts (i.e. black male adult entertainmentstars).
  • Telling chicks they can't do certain things (i.e. if they want to play golf with you).
  • Talking about man crushes before it was en vogue.
  • Always keeping your composure.
  • Confiding more in a spotter at the gym whom you've just met than your wife of 20 years.

Not Sweet

  • Walking into a bar holding a chick's hand.
  • Girls who cried when Obama was elected president.
  • Dudes who make loud noises and scream in the gym (especially if they're wearing lifting gloves).
  • Announcing at the beginning of the night you “don't want to do too much tonight…”
  • First time you get caught jerking off by a family member.
  • Winning every sprint at the end of practice.
  • Saying you have “good taste.”
  • Being really stubborn about the type of girl you like (i.e. not getting with a girl because she's a brunette and you like blondes).
  • Being at a ballgame with your buddies, going to take a piss and not coming back with beers.
  • Everything about E's character from “Entourage.”

Could Be Sweet or Not Sweet

  • Older men who fight young kids for foul balls at games.

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