Wonder What Happens When You Mix Coke And Salt? No? Well, Watch This Video To Find Out Anyway

Hey man, I get it – you feel stupid for actually clicking this because it’s really just a video of some Russian guy dumping salt into coke. He does it like 4 times, not because there’s ever a different reaction but because if he only did it once this video would be like 10 seconds long.

But at least now you know what happens? Not that you really cared in the first place, but still. Maybe you can use this useless knowledge as a ice breaker at parties, or maybe you can take it to your grave because it’s also possibly the dumbest ice breaker I’ve ever heard. In fact, let’s just pretend we never watched this video at all. It’s dead to me. Bye. I SAID BYE.

[H/T MTV News]

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