Why Am I Broke? Infographic Shows What Guys Are Spending Most of Their Money On

Money. We love it. We hate it. Well, maybe we don’t hate it but we hate the fact that we don’t have enough of it to spend it frivolously.

So where does a man’s money go? Where do we spend the precious little amount we earn in our paychecks? This infographic below, brought to us by Gillette, is about to tell you. And, it proves that you don’t need to buy a “bargain bin” brand of razors to save money. In fact, with Gillette – the gold standard in razors – guys can get the highest quality shave using the brand’s best blades for only about a dollar a week*. Now that’s truly the best a man can get.

*Based on 4 shaves per week over average cartridge consumption and AC Nielsen’s scantrack unit prices past 52 weeks ending 3/29/14.