Does Anyone Know Why McKayla Maroney Deleted Her Instagram Account?

by 1 year ago
McKayla Maroney Bikini

Instagram / McKayla Maroney

Sometimes, as bloggers, we are forced to ask the tough questions: Who knew what about Hillary’s missing e-mails? Why is Donald Trump cozying up to Putin, who might be planning World War III? Is Paul McCartney really dead? Is there an alien military installation on Mars?

Today we have a new question that baffles us. Amazingly, I don’t think a single blog or news outlet has asked it yet: Why has McKayla Maroney — former Team USA gold medal-winning gymnast — deleted her Instagram account?

Her Twitter account is still active, but her Instagram account is a big ole blank “Sorry, not found


So… What happened? McKayla Maroney’s mysterious disappearance from Instagram hasn’t been reported on yet, so we gotta ask — Why? She had gazillions of followers on there and was surely monetizing her social media presence…. So…. Why?

We ask the hard-hitting questions here at BroBible. Never forget.





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