Add This Wild Boar Swimming Circles In The Ocean Four Miles From Land To The List Of World Wonders

by 4 years ago

It is common knowledge that pigs cannot fly. I think. And I was under the impression that pigs are not aquatic creatures either. I actually don’t even know who’s capable of doing what anymore. I know nothing. Left is right. Up is down. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS BOAR SWIMMING CIRCLES ALMOST 4 MILES OFF THE ITALIAN SHORE? I need to a second opinion.



I was told by my computer that pigs cannot swim, at least for more than a short while, because their unique swine stroke would slice their own throats with their sharp trotters.

According to Mysterious Universe, the fishermen were able to lasso the pig onto the boat but had a tough time controlling it as the boar rammed itself back and forth on the sides of the boat until they reached shore, where it scurried into a pine forrest.

The fishermen estimated the creature to be about six feet tall and weigh over two tons.

I don’t know, man. I don’t know anything.