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And once again, BroBible caught up with Dr Jeff Benabio (@dermdoc) to talk about skin care. Learn about the essentials below!

BB: Winter’s coming up and that brings along dry skin, chapped lips, eczema, all that stuff. What are some simple steps guys can do to mange the different elements of the different seasons?

Dr. Benabio: Yeah, I kind of break it down into three different things you need to do in wintertime. You have to protect from the dry air, protect from the wind, protect from the elements, and to some extent protect from the sun. You have to disinfect because winter times cold and flu and stuff like that. And, finally, you have to moisturize. So to protect, get yourself a lip balm, which most guys don’t because they don’t really need it of the summer, but in wintertime you really do because the skin on your lips is thin and easily prone to drying out. In the wintertime, it’s going to get ugly cracked lips, bleeding lips, which is uncomfortable, and unsightly so investing in a good lip balm is an important way to protect. With disinfecting, I’m a big fan of using the alcohol sanitizers, I think that’s a great way to not have to wash your hands constantly and still disinfect your hands that minimize your chances of getting or spreading your cold or flu. Then moisturizing — obviously in the wintertime the air is much drier, we’re much more prone to the eczema, like you said, dry skin, and irritated skin. So it is the most important time of the year to make sure you’re moisturizing. For guys, one of the nice things about this product line is that because it’s got there sensitive and clean face wash, you can use it on your face, which will help moisturize your face and on your body, and helps moisturize your body. It can make things a lot simpler you don’t have to worry too much about adding a moisturizer for most guys and that kind of covers that aspect of what you need to do for the winter.

BB: So what are some of the short-term benefits of taking skin care a little more seriously?

Dr. Benabio: The short-term benefit is that it feels better — that’s pretty quick. You notice a lot of difference in a few days, it actually feels better, so dry skin, eczema, and irritated skin like you're referring too is super common. Even this morning in my office I had a guy come in with exactly that problem already and it's still kind of early in the season so by moisturizing and that is in this case by using cleansers that have moisturizers in it, it feels better quickly.

BB: And how about long term ?

Dr. Benabio: Long term, your skin looks better. So that takes a little bit longer, takes about two weeks or so for it to completely turn over, so if you’ve been neglecting your skin, using products that aren’t good for you it takes a couple of weeks or so for your skin to kind of get used to your new products, that is products that are healthier for your skin and you’ll actually notice a difference. You can see the flaking, scaling, and redness all start to disappear and some of the fine lines, that’s one of the dirty secrets of cosmetics is just moisturizing actually makes people look younger. That’s all you have to do is just make sure that your skin is moisturized because dry skin in the winter time you get a lot of those fine lines and dull complexion which makes you look older. So by getting on the right track, after maybe two weeks or so, you’re skin will actually look better so you’ll notice a difference in the way it looks.

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