Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating, Beats The Shit Out Of His Mistress And Throws Her Off A Bridge! (VIDEO)

by 3 years ago

Save for finding out someone you care about just died in a horrific way or that you have a terminal disease, learning that you’re being cheated on has to be the worst feeling ever. After you pick your fragmented heart off the floor,  you try to pick up the pieces as you plot your “live well” revenge. Or you move on. That is, unless you’re like this lady and walk in on the fuckers and commit a act or crime of passion.

I generally don’t condone humans beating the shit out of each other, but in this case, I UNDERSTAND IT. And what an amazing response by the wife. It’s a flurry of rage for the ages. Not only does she bash the chick’s face off of metal bars, she tosses her off a fucking bridge. Sure, the fall wasn’t lethal (thank God, because we wouldn’t be able to post that), but it could have been and that’s what makes the wife’s reaction even more crazy. She threw all caution to the wind, didn’t care if a jagged rock was sticking out of the water, and she hurled that trollop right the fuck off the bridge. Honestly, good for her. She saw her “this will be considered a crime of passion and/or temporary insanity” window, and she took it.

If that is how she treated the girl, I can’t imagine what she did to her husband when they got home. For all we know, the dude might have spent the night searching for his severed dick in a corn field.