Half Naked Woman Caught Begging Tourist For Sex So She Can Give Him ‘Exotic Experience,’ Is Quickly Arrested (VIDEO)

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The only thing worse than having to deal with a drunk chick is having to deal with a drunk chick, in public, loudly screaming for you to have sex with her as she starts ripping her clothes off. Or, y’know…finding a bomb in your sock drawer. At least with the bomb you can just chuck it out your window and cross your fingers that the neighbor’s dog isn’t frolicking around your back yard, but with this drunk chick? Nah, best course of action is to run away as far and as fast as possible. Judging from the footage, the unnamed guy didn’t figure that strategy out until later:

This woman, wearing just a pair of black thigh high boots and a matching tiny thong, was filmed apparently trying to get a tourist to have sex with her.

She is reported to have stripped down and begged the the white man for sex, promising him an “exotic experience” if he agreed.

As the footage shows, the topless girl tries to wrap her legs around him, dances and rubs herself all over him, before trying to grab at the top of his jeans to undo them.

The bizarre scene is taking place in the middle of a busy road and local reports say the woman was extremely drunk.(via)

Unfortunately for this guy he got caught on camera with her – so this memory now lives on permanently through the Internet, regardless of how many years of therapy he pays for to get rid of it.

[H/T Mirror]

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