Woman Destroys Her Ex-Husband’s Car With a Hammer While He Videotapes the Evidence

by 4 years ago


It’s as if these two people, who hate each other with the fire of ten thousand suns, made a pact to keep this scene as calm, cool and collected as possible. “I fucking hate you and I’m going to do naughty things to your Mazda Miata, but let’s try and not disturb the neighbors.” “Ok, that’s fair. Go grab your hammer, sweetheart.”

What I mean by all that is the the lady swings the hammer listlessly and without saying a word, while her ex-husband peacefully videotapes and narrates the entire thing with Bob Ross-like ease. Of course, he’s doing that so he can use her utter madness against her in a court of law and because it’s a Mazda Miata so…fuck it, but I can’t explain her calmness without the whole “calm scene pact” idea.

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